2014 – 2016 Officers

Rochelle Bryant
Ph. (925) 458-7424

Vice Chairman
Michael Ballard
Ph. (925) 808-9887

Michael Foerder
Ph.  (510) 987-8636

Dave Arms
Ph. (510) 568-8372

Board Of Directors

James Cook
Vernon Davison
Daniel Kerr
Ron Peterson
Richard Seals

Golden Gate Section ASNT Tribute

The success of the Golden Gate Section can be attributed to the numerous volunteers that have helped make us a viable and healthy nonprofit organization over the many years of existence.   Click here to download and view a list of past Presidents of our section, as well as a list of recipients of our Fellow Award.  A big thank you to all our volunteers and members!

2012 – 2013 Message from the Chairman:

“First, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Vern Davison and his assistant, Dorothy, of QC-NDT, for the many years they have supported our Section. Our calendar/yearbook that they spend many hours preparing each year is admired by many other Sections. Whenever we need a single-point contact for meeting meal orders, etc, they have volunteered. Vern is the person everyone contacts when they don’t know who or how to contact someone. These are just some examples. However, after this year Vern has decided to cut back a bit. They will not be preparing the calendar any longer. Those will be hard shoes to fill.

Now to other Section activities: The 2011-2012 year was a good year for our Golden Gate Section of ASNT. We have some new members willing to volunteer their time, skills, and ideas as officers, but need help and support from those of us who have been associated with the Section and ASNT for a longer time. We have helped the Sacramento Affiliate Section in their first full year, but they still need our help and commitment, especially from current members and businesses located in that area. We have continued to contribute time and funds to the advancement of NDT at American River College (ARC) in Sacramento. We have been mentoring students and colleagues, from kindergarten to college to professionals, but with all our experience should be able to do more one-on-one mentoring. We have updated our Bylaws for the first time since 1980, and are using them to incorporate. The one-of-a-kind “NDT museum” at the Mare Island Historical Museum is almost ready for prime time, thanks to the huge ongoing volunteer effort of long-time Golden Gate member, George Henke.

As you can see from above, I am proud of what we’ve done but feel we have the potential to do more in 2012-2013 and beyond to advance the practice and understanding of NDT. There is a large demand for NDT personnel, and the industry needs our help to fill that need. I regularly run into people who want to learn more about NDT opportunities, and companies who are looking for NDT personnel. We have not given our own NDT training classes for many years, but commit to do so this coming year. If it goes well we can continue or expand the training.

We can each think of ways to help our industry, such as mentoring, facilitating demonstrations and tours, and getting more members, etc., but it won’t happen unless we individually take action in one or more of these areas. As many of you know who volunteer already, the personal satisfaction and feedback is greater than the effort put into it. You can start by bringing a friend, colleague, boss or subordinate, or a mentee to a meeting and encourage them to become an ASNT member. Or if you are someone who is looking for a mentor, contact us and we
will help make it happen. We are all willing to help, but sometimes don’t know how to get started.

The meetings are a great place to network with others. As part of the formal agenda we open the floor to questions, often unique, and look for creative suggestions from a great resource — other attendees! Around the Holidays and Valentines Day, we have special dinners at unique places. Those are intended to be an opportunity for you to thank someone who supports you and your long work hours, like a spouse.

I’ve been known to be a bit long-winded, but it you’ve gotten this far I do look forward to seeing you at our monthly meetings.”

Thank you,

Dan Kerr

2013 Chairman, ASNT Golden Gate Section